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Thread: UPDATE: Goind Back To Work:(

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    Default UPDATE: Goind Back To Work:(

    Well, I started night shift on Friday. I was really worried about leaving ds and how dh would get him to sleep, etc,etc. Well, dh had him asleep by 10:30 and ds only woke up 3 times. How did he do that!! Anyway, they did well and the next night was ok too. Although ds woke up at 4am and wouldn't go back to sleep. Oh, and he has done all this without a bottle or a sippy cup. Go figure. Also, he has only nursed twice so far today. Is he going to wean hisself or is this normal? I would be devastated if he wean hisself. I think I am lessr eady than anyone. Anyway, I am glad they have done well, but it also kind of makes me sad. Isn't that crazy. It's hard to explain really.

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    Thanks for the update! I don't think it's weird at all to feel sad about future weaning or to feel a little jealous of DH and their success. When I went back to work this last May, DH was just getting done with school for the summer as he is a teacher. Then DS and DH got to spend the whole summer together and boy did they have fun together! I do realize how incredibly fortunate I am to have such a loving husband and father to my baby, but yes there were times that I just wished it was me who was staying home.

    As for the nursing, just try to nurse and not give DS a bottle when you're home. Or for the most part, anyway. I've been using that pattern for about 4-5 months and it's worked very well.

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    Default Re: UPDATE: Goind Back To Work:(

    Thank you for the update! I'm glad it went better than expected for daddy. It's always kind of sad and bittersweet when the babies do just fine without us. Keep nursing baby as baby wants. Baby shouldn't wean because of this, as long as you keep offering the breast and keep it available if baby wants it.
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