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Thread: introduction of solids timing

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    Default introduction of solids timing

    My LO will be 6 months next week and is starting solids soon. I have heard from other mothers that they gave their babies solids bases on color (like all orange veggies first and then all green ones). Is that necessary? Also, do you have to wait a week after introducing one food before introducing another? This is all new to me- exclusive nursing is just so much easier than worrying about how long it's been since she tried one food and when to switch colors!

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    Default Re: introduction of solids timing

    I personally have never heard of introducing foods by color. Do you plan to feed your baby purees or go in the baby led solids direction? BLS is when you let the baby guide, using finger foods such as avocados, bananas etc.

    You might find this helpful: http://wholesomebabyfood.com/solids.htm
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    Default Re: introduction of solids timing

    I've heard of moms doing it by color, it is not necessary and is likely something passed down from one mom to another (becoming cultural wisdom).

    Many mothers introduce one food at a time and wait four days in between to see if there is a reaction. This is probably the safe way to do it, it is often recommended. I personally did not wait any time at all with foods I ate while breastfeeding as she had already been exposed to them and we eat a mostly simple diet with no processed food and I know what is in it. There are opinions both ways. If you have food allergies in your family or your little one reacted to something while you were nursing, you may want to adopt a more cautious approach. The only issue we had was a reaction to a taste of citrus, now she takes oranges with no problem - but everyone is different.
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    Default Re: introduction of solids timing

    Fruits and vegetable are quite interchangeable with each other nutritionally and developmentally, so if your baby lacks interest in one, you can offer the other. People make up elaborate arguments for starting with one or the other, but don't worry about them. No particular order is better than any other, and there is no particular rush. Offer them one at a time and wait to add anything else new until you have had 2-3 days to wait for allergic reactions. JM2C

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