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Thread: What should I do with all of this milk?

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    Default What should I do with all of this milk?

    I am not sure if this is the right location for this post, but here goes.

    In January I had a thyroidectomy. For that procedure, I was supposed to have taken Potassium Iodide for the 10 days leading up to surgery. So, I had pumped and stored over 400 oz of milk starting shortly after my daughter was born (6.30.09). Well, I was allergic to the potassium iodide, so I didn't use the milk. I generally would just donate it to the local milk bank, but it wasn't stored to their standards (dated but no time noted, pump parts cleaned but not sterilized between each pumping, etc.) Also, I was on Propylthiouracil which is fine for a healthy baby but may not be for a preemie. I have not contacted them to see if they would take it, but doubt it- and some of it is over 6 months old which I know they won't take. At any rate- what do I do with all of this milk? My daughter is now 9 months old and I still nurse her and her 2 year old sister. If my supply were to drop, I would simply wean the older child, etc. I just can't see us using 400 ounces of milk and it kills me to just throw it out. Any suggestions?

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    Default Re: What should I do with all of this milk?

    Contact a HMBANA milk bank and see if they will take it. My local bank takes milk up to a year and what you are saying about writing the time and sterilizing parts is new to me. If not, try milkshare. Links to both are in my siggy.

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    Do you have extra milk? Consider donating!

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    Default Re: What should I do with all of this milk?

    Great advice from the PP. If that doesn't work, though, you could always cook with it. I've heard of it being used in sourdough starter... Or you could even just use it to water a tree or flower patch, just to make it meaningful and give it back to "Mother Earth" in a special way.

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    Lightbulb Re: What should I do with all of this milk?

    Wow, what timing! I just got this email from a holistic parenting list I belong to. I'm sure she won't mind me reposting.

    I have been connected with a very brave and strong mother named, Tiffany. She has 4 children. The youngest, Eli, is just 8 weeks old. She and her husband are in the process of adopting him. They've had him since the day he was born. Tragically, on that day, he was addicted to Meth. For weeks she struggled with Eli. He wouldn't tolerate any formulas. He was in such pain, crying all the time, never sleeping more than 2 hours at a time, drinking a few sips and then crying some more. Tiffany was so tired and frustrated. Wendy suggested she try to find some breastmilk. I had told Wendy earlier during our consultation that I had some milk to spare. Soon, Tiffany was at my house and I gave her a large quantity of my milk. I asked her to call me in a week so I could see how Eli was doing on his new diet. She called me the very next morning. Her voice sounded so happy! She told me that Eli slept 8.5 HOURS that night. She was able to put him down so she could shower and put on makeup. She was able to take him to run errands. He smiled for the first time that morning, and was cooing and making happy sounds. I couldn't believe it, I was so happy. She said he's like a different baby and their life has changed. She was at that time trying to get her own milk to come in but now she's given up, it was much too difficult. I have given her another supply of milk today but I don't have much left and I wont be able to sustain Eli much longer.

    Do you have ANY extra milk in your freezer? Do you know ANYONE who does??? Please help if you can. Tiffany has said that she will drive or even fly anywhere to get it. Please pass this on, maybe someone else can help me help this baby. Every ounce he gets is helping him.

    Please send me a msg if you would like me to connect you!

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    Default Re: What should I do with all of this milk?

    I donate milk to Mothers Milk Back in Austin. You dont have to write the time on each thing of milk, but you do have to date it and put away within 30 min of being pumped. Their rule is to wash daily and boil weekly.
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