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Thread: Can you share your experience bfing a 37 weeker?

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    Default Re: Can you share your experience bfing a 37 weeker?

    I had an unplanned c-section at 39 weeks, after 18 hours of labor. Anyway, we had all the common worries- pain, pain meds, being apart for the first 2 hours, etc, etc. She was really sleepy and hesitant to nurse at first, and the first few weeks were really hard on me- nursing around the clock and a lot of pain, but overall I don't think having a c-section interfered with nursing at all- our biggest struggle was just learning how to do it. Sounds like you already have that covered, having overcome some huge nursing obstacles already with your first. I didn't have to have the antibiotics that everyone is talking about though . I had a LOT of people in the hospital trying to get me to supplement with formula when she would be too tired to nurse so you may be prepared for that. Just remember that thier little bodies are still full of nutrients to last a few days so you don't panic if they don't eat a ton right away. This is what kept me calm and able to say no to formula. I also agree with the pp's- having a Boppy helped a ton. Good luck with everything!

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    My 3rd dd was born at 37 weeks as well. I did have her vaginally so I don't have any advice as far a c-section goes, but things as far as nursing were fine. I was worried about breathing issues as well, but my doctor said that 37 weeks is actually considered a full term baby and she didn't forsee any problems. Baby came out screaming just fine!! She did have some issues with body temp, but I was more than happy to snuggle her close to help keep that up! We didn't have any latch issues and she nursed like a champ, so just know that a 37 weeker can be just fine! Congratulations in advance, I pray that all goes well!!
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    I had a c/s at 39 weeks; no problems with bf except like a pp she would fall asleep after a couple of minutes. I think that may have been due to the vicodin I was taking because she stopped doing that when i stopped the vicodin. I didn't take an antibiotic. I'm not sure that's standard. Are you going to be awake for the c/s? I got a medicine in my epidural I think it was called dura-morph (???); anyway, it was morphine that lasted for 24 hours and I didn't have any pain which helped so I could focus on learning to bf.

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