So here is the update. I have been doing what is recommended by the oversupply of breastmilk article on the LLLI website. I alternate breasts when feeding. I have found an end to engorgement, LO doesn't freak out initially because there isn't the spraying (and I MEAN spraying!) of breast milk from both breasts. I'm not saturating nearly as many breast pads.

However, this has come with its challenging circumstances: for the first few days, he did great, fed for about 30 minutes, and nearly emptied one breast. Rarely interested in going any further (other breast). Green, liquid stools tapered off, then ceased. Now we have a dark mustard stool every day or two (normal for this age, 11 weeks on Wednesday).

Now we have a new problem... he was starting to sleep 7 and 8 hours at night and now he's back to every 3-4, and only feeds for about 10 minutes and has started to pull off, then on, off then, on repeatedly between strong sucks. Again, no strong let-down when he pulls off. Then he's done. He'll cry if I try to sneak the boob in and strongly encourage him to finish.

What's happening?

Also, q: about returning to work. Since we're doing this one boob at a time thing with milk overproduction and he's not taking both breasts per feed, how should I pump? One boob per pumping every 3 hours while at work? Then do you empty the breast, even though LO doesn't?