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Thread: Breastmilk before baby

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    I'm 32 weeks and have been in early labor for 3 weeks. Last week the contractions became worse so the dr put me on 2 medications to help control the contractions and Friday and Saturday I had steroid injections. This morning I woke up completely engorged with milk, not colostrum. This is my forth baby and with the others I leaked colostrum but so far today I have soaked through 2 pads. I dont want to pump because it will make my contractions worse but what do I do with the milk? My breasts are killing me! Any suggestions?

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    I would maybe do hot compresses on your breasts. So excess can leak out but you aren't stimulating the milk to come out. Good luck holding the baby in!
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    I agree, heat pads and compressions, take a hot shower. Did the doctor discuss this side-effect with you and what you should do?

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    I left a message with the dr but havent heard back. I will try hot compresses, thanks for the imput!

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    Maybe cold cabbage leaves, as well? They're good for fighting engorgement. And if heat isn't working, try cold packs. Ice packs can also reduce pain.

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