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Thread: Not pumping enough?

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    My daughter was born a month early and because of that was not able to breast feed. She is 3 weeks old now and still not quite ready so i am still pumping. This is my first time pumping and breastfeeding. I pump during the day every 2-3 hours and at night every 3-4 hours and i use the hospital grade medela double pump. When i pump i only get 1.5oz-3oz total. At first it was plenty but my daughter is starting to eat more and some days i am having to give her formula as well. Is it normal for me to only be pumping that amount? I hear about women pumping 6oz in a sitting and i am no where near that. i have tried the mothers milk tea (my LC suggested it) but it made me sick. i am just worried that my supply is low or something. thanks in advance!!!

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    The average mom pumps between 1/2 oz to 2 oz (both breasts) so it sounds like you are pumping enough.

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    thank you so much. ive looked online i dont know how many times to see if it was a normal amount and was never able to find anything. Thank you!!!!

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    If you are exclusively pumping, your LO should be getting 24-30 oz. in a 24-hour period to maintain good growth. (This assumes a healthy term infant, I don't know if the requirements are different for a premature baby - definitely ask the pediatrician and/or a lactation consultant what baby's intake should be at this point).

    While it's true that moms who pump at work or for a freezer stash may not extract lots of milk at a time, if you're exclusively pumping, you pretty much need to extract enough per session to equal one meal. You may get more output early in the day and less in the evening, because prolactin levels tend to peak in early morning (and this is when you might get 6 oz or more from a morning pumping session), so there is some wiggle room on this.

    Now, a healthy, term baby will usually eat 2-4 oz. at a feeding after the first few weeks, but this may be different for a preemie. So you'd want to be aiming for an average of 2-4 oz at a time, with probably a larger volume in the morning and less in the evening, for an average of 24-30 oz. a day. You want to pump at least 8 and ideally 10-12 times a day.

    If you are exclusively pumping ("EPing"), I'd highly recommend reviewing threads on here and doing research into EPing. It presents a slightly different set of challenges from moms who pump while at work or for supplementation with EBM.

    Good luck with getting baby to the breast.
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