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    I am just wondering if anyone knows if you can put any/all of the Medela Harmony pump into a dishwasher?

    I had the pump from my first son and its been in storage (out of the box) so wanted to give it a good clean before sterilising, I am not ready for using it yet but want to have it on stand by in case I need or want to go down the pumping route

    I didn't save the box or instructions though so I am not sure... I seem to remember some part of it not going in the steriliser or being submersed in water??

    thanks in advance


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    Copied directly from Harmony instruction booklet:

    Disassemble the SoftFit breastshield, pump body, valve, membrane and bottle.

    All parts are to be disassembled and washed separately for the pump to function efficiently.

    Under normal use, the pump handle and diaphram/stem only need to be cleaned periodically or when it is apparent they have become soiled. Hint: Do not remove small white o-ring from stem.

    Wash remaining parts in dishwasher or in soapy water and rinse well. Air dry parts on clean towel and cover when not in use.

    Do not use with Quick Clean Micro-Steam bags. Wash only according to instructions above.
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    ooh thanks so much hun xx

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