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Thread: Gerber Massaging Manual Breast Pump

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    Default Gerber Massaging Manual Breast Pump

    I have one of these pumps that I used occassionally for my dd (who is 19 months now). I have a ds due in July so I took my pump out of storage to inspect it and found mold in the valve (soft silicone piece) and in the lid assembly. I can't find any replacement parts for this pump, so I seem to have two options. 1-bleach everything and hope that it gets everything clean or 2.-throw it out and buy a new one . What you do?
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    Mold is really nasty and I would suspect very hard to get rid of from plastic. Pumps are really expensive but personally I would buy a new one.

    Sorry you have mold, what a bummer.
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    Buy a new one. Once plastic has mold, it's very difficult to remove it.
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