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Thread: DCP and solids?

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    Default DCP and solids?

    How do those of you whose LOs go to daycare handle solids? I am inclined to have my DCP give the solids and just nurse when I am with him. That's how I have been doing it so far. We just started one small cereal feeding a day mixed w/ BM this week. When did you start giving solids at home, too?

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    Default Re: DCP and solids?

    We introduce all new foods at home and only send that food with baby to DCP when we are confident that baby does not have any sort of reaction and that he's "mastered" eating that food.

    DS1 took his time getting into eating solids and we didn't send any foods to DCP until he was about 9 mo.

    DS2 is really different and has been really into solids from the start. We send food into DCP plus he eats with us at home.

    For both LO we've followed their lead in terms of how much solids and how often.
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    Default Re: DCP and solids?

    Always start at home so you know what he is NOT allergic to and make sure he likes. I always nurse him before AND after any feeding I do at home.
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    Default Re: DCP and solids?

    From what I understand Breast milk should still be the primary source of food. I think it is a good idea as the others have said to try all new foods at home first. We do Bm around 4oz then cereal for breakfast then for lunch the same but a 1/2 jar of vegi. and for supper it may be vegi. again and milk then cereal for evening/ before bed. That is what is working for us so far. Our DS is 5months 1.5 weeks now. We are doing vegis. first 3 days of the same kind to help with watching for alergies. Plus I heard that if you do fruit first they will not be so inclined to eat vegitables.

    I have read alot of different things, It is sometimes hard to decide whats best.

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