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Thread: How much EBM did you give at 4 months?

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    When she was 2 months she was eating 2.5 oz and sometimes she would want more. But when I needed to put her in day care, they said one bottle per feeding so I didnt want to put only 3 oz if she wanted to eat more the caregivers would have to warm another bottle and whatever was left from that bottle would be throw away. They would feed her the full 4 oz everytime so DD got use to eating 4 oz at a time sometimes less. She will eat one or two times in the night. Thanks ladies
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    Are you exclusively pumping, or just pumping for daycare? The answer may be a bit different. If it's just for daycare, your goal is 1 - 1.5 oz per hour away from mom, but there's leeway for the baby to eat more when with mom and take less at daycare.

    If you're EPing, obviously all of the baby's nutrition comes from the bottle, so taking less from the bottle begins to add up over the course of a day. It's difficult to find a definitive answer for the nutrition needs of a baby receiving EBM exclusively, because it's not one of the two most common scenarios (direct BF or formula feed). Estimates are in the realm of 24-36 oz per day for good weight gain and development, though. So divide this by the number of LO's feedings, and that's how much should be in a bottle. If LO is eating every 3 hours, she should get 3-4 oz. per bottle. Every 2 hours, 2-3 oz per bottle. If you're EPing, just keep in mind that 24 oz. a day consumed is pretty much the minimum.
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