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Thread: cow's milk allergy

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    Default cow's milk allergy

    I am looking for advice or words of encouragement from mammas out there who have had LOs with milk allergies. I have basically eliminated dairy from my diet for months because of my DD's milk allergy. She is ten months old, and we have been trying solids since she was six months. She is not a fan of solid food, so we are pretty much nursing full time (she is EBF). On the advice of her pedi we tried dairy at nine months, but this was not a success because it brought diarhea and diaper rash. This is really disappointing because she LOVED the yogurt. When do babies get over this cow's milk allergy?

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    i don't know when/if they get over it, but have you tried goat's milk instead? that's what my mom did when my brother and i couldn't handle cow's milk. apparently you should be able to get cans of it at the grocery store in the same section as evaporated milk.
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    Default Re: cow's milk allergy

    If it's a true allergy she may never get over it. If you feel it is an allergy (as opposed to a sensitivity) you *"should"* consider getting her into an allergist soon for testing.
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    And if it's a cow milk allergy - the usual recommendation is to NOT do goats milk since most LO who are allergic to cows milk also develop allergy yo goats milk.

    Not unusual for a LO that age to eat few solids. Some just get into solids later.

    I agree with the suggestion to make an appointment with an allergist.
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    Default Re: cow's milk allergy

    My daughter's allergist said no goat's milk and not to use soy either.
    She outgrew her allergy at 2 1/2. Unfortunately my 2nd baby is also allergic so I am avoiding dairy as well.

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