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Thread: Letting down for the pump but not LO????

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    Default Letting down for the pump but not LO????

    Recently my let down takes FOREVER when I'm nursing but it's pretty immediate when I pump. It's almost as if my body responds better to the pump.

    My little guy is very very patient but I can't help but feel terrible when he is obviously distraught at nursing for 10+ minutes with no let down.

    Has anyone had this happen? Is there anything I can do?

    It makes no sense because I can only get one let down with the pump EVER no matter how long I go. Once I let down for LO I can have a few. I have a terrible supply as it is even after all the possible combos of herbs and what have you. UGGGHHH if it's not one thing it's another. I really hate this.

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    Default Re: Letting down for the pump but not LO????

    Not too sure what you could do besides maybe using the pump to get your let down to start sooner and then put little one on. I know that's probably what I would try.
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