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Thread: Long, very frequent feeds - help!

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    Default Long, very frequent feeds - help!

    My 2.5 week old has suddenly decided he wants to feed for periods of between one and two hours at a time. I was up what felt like all night and now my nipples feel like they're on fire!

    I thought he was doing so well - we'd been finishing feeds in half an hour and he'd sleep for a few hours before wanting more - what's happening?

    Also last night he kept demanding the breast and then spitting it out and wriggling around (I DID burp him a few times)... eventually I couldn't take it anymore and handed him to DH. He cried for about 20 minutes before falling asleep for three hours.

    This morning I fed him for 1.5 hours on one nipple. I noticed afterwards that there was still a fair bit of milk left in that breast. He looks and feels like he's latching properly, and it's never been a problem before, but could that be part of the problem?

    I'm really confused and frustrated. Any help would be fantastic!!
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    Default Re: Long, very frequent feeds - help!

    Yeah.. it sounds to me like it's more "comfort sucking" than anything Just a baby's way of being close to mommy. Do try the snuggling and such- it might just be what your little one needs. My son enjoys just laying on my chest while we rest together... it is a very peaceful and relaxing position for the two of us.

    Best wishes!

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    Default Re: Long, very frequent feeds - help!

    At two and half weeks you could be looking at a three weeks growth spurt. Which would mean cluster feeding. WHich is rough but is genreally over in about 3 days.....hang on.

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    Default Re: Long, very frequent feeds - help!

    My 7-week old has been doing this as well. On for an hour, off for an hour, etc. in the evening hours. I feel your pain! It's very draining and can be frustrating. I also pass him off to my DH after awhile. Hang in there! It's not possible for this to last forever......(right????)

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