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Thread: avocado question

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    Default avocado question

    DD LOVES avocado! I give it to her daily, and sometimes she eats a whole one (well probably not casue some of it ends up on the floor or her!)

    Is avocado binding? Casue ever since she is pooping more solid and straining when pooping.

    I dont want to stop giving it to her, but might cut back the frequency and see if it helps her poop better!
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    Default Re: avocado question

    you got the right idea.. One wouldn't think that it would be binding cause its so full of good fats

    are you giving any other solids.

    My dd cann't have more then 1/2 a bannana or she will have trouble pooping for sure.

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    Default Re: avocado question


    This website I found says avocados are perfectly ph balanced and not constipating. Could it be something else possibly. My son lives on them and breastmilk and we haven't had any problems. Other friuts and veggies seem to cause some bowel trouble.

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    Default Re: avocado question

    It's normal for poop to get more solid when a baby starts solid foods-- makes sense. If your DD is constipated, you will know because the poop will come out in little pellets, or in very small amounts instead of in a larger quantity all at once.

    My DS has just started solids and once in a while he will pass a very small, very solid poo; but most of the time, he has massive blowouts instead.

    BFing before and after feeding solids should help to ensure that your lo is still getting enough fluids.

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    Default Re: avocado question

    yeah, change in BM is normal for babies starting solids. if she seems uncomfortable, or is turning red from straining, or is straining w/o producing anything, you might try giving some prunes or applesauce (always helped dd).
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