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    We have just started BLS with DD and are having a fun time of it and it's going well (although we're only a week in). I am thinking down the road and wondering when it is safe to introduce seafood? I know that shellfish tend to be more allergenic than, say, tuna or whatever and so it's good to wait. But what about things like tuna, salmon, trout, etc.?


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    Unless you have known allergies yourself (or in your immediate family, or already exhibited in your little one), there is no reason to wait on allergenic foods. An article I first read here and have been doing further research on: here. Waiting too long to introduce allergenic foods, they are beginning to think, may CAUSE rather than prevent food allergies. Delyaing has shown to have no benefit.

    If you have eaten it while breastfeeding, I would feel 100% comfortable with offering it... Unless it is a food that may be somewhat abrasive to their digestive system or bums on the outward side (citrus works out well for us now, but not at first).

    I have been following the fish guidelines for pregnant women in my personal picks for baby... I would avoid any on the list of possible mercury contaminated fishes for sure... We've been doing steamed tilapia, shrimp and scallops.. haven't tried any others so far.
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