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Thread: Ready to give, need help

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    Default Ready to give, need help

    So, I weaned my DD off the nipple shield and I finally have enough milk thanks to Reglan and pumping after feedings and now theres another problem...
    She fusses at the breast terribly now. Shes almost 5 weeks old and this just started a few days ago. I can hardly get through a feeding without crying. She'll start to suck and then unlatch and scream, sometimes arching her back. Its awful. This goes on until I finally end the feeding. I think it may be the Reglan making my flow too fast but I'm not sure. So, I have stopped taking it today but how long till its out of my system? Or could it be something I'm eating? Maybe I should cut out caffiene? I have only 2 cups of coffee a day but maybe this is too much. I'm so stressed out! Just when I thought it was getting easier, now this! Any advice?
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    It could be that the flow is too fast...when she's latched on is she gulping a lot?

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    Yes, she does! Also, she seems fine if I nurse her in a side lying position. So I think its the Reglan making my flow too fast. First, my supply was low and now I have too much! LOL. How long until the medicine is out of my system? I can't take much more of this!
    I don't want to only nurse her from one breast as I had a low supply before, I don't want to lower it too much since I'm not taking the Reglan anymore. I just stopped the Reglan today, by the way. I just want to slow down the flow so she can nurse until the medicine is out of my system, then my supply and flow should dip down a bit from not taking the Reglan anymore. Reglan works too well apparently. Any advice on slowing down my flow for a few days?

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    I had trouble early on with strong let down and fast flow. My son arched his back cried , choked, and milk ran out the side of his mouth. I used different positions to help. The best is to nurse in a reclined position where you are almost lying down. I would lie in bed or use a recliner. It helped him nrse comfortably. Also, taking him off the breast until the flow slowed after each let down helped. Good Luck it was difficult but he got used to it and adjusted to the flow.

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    i had the same problem. and i was so upset cause i didnt know what was wrong. but then one time she pulled off during letdown and i was squirting breastmilk everywhere without her even sucking! i started block feeding, that helps A LOT. she still gulps when i start the second breasts block, but it improves the other feedings for sure!
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