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Thread: What does frozen BM smell like?

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    Default What does frozen BM smell like?

    I gave DD frozen BM yesterday for the first time. I opened the container before it thawed and smelled it. It smelled... off. I thawed it and it still smelled that way. I have heard a lot of people on here say that if the EBM tastes funny, their LO won't eat it, so I gave it to her. She chugged it! I have never seen her drink a bottle so quickly! She hasn't had any side effects, so I am assuming she is ok. I have about a gallon of frozen EBM in my freezer. Should I give it to her? It is in those Avent storage containers (I have since gotten bags), so it might be freezer burnt or something.
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    Default Re: What does frozen BM smell like?

    It might be lipase. This is an enzyme that some women have to excess, which breaks down the milk as it is stored (either in fridge or freezer) and can cause it to smell soapy, metallic, like vomit, or otherwise not right. There's info on what to do about lipase before storing it: http://forums.llli.org/showthread.php?t=297

    My frozen BM doesn't really smell like anything. It kind of smells a tiny bit sweet and just, I don't know, cold, lol.

    If lipase is your issue, there's nothing you can do to treat the milk already in the freezer. But if your LO isn't bothered by it, then you may not have to do anything at all. It's not bad for baby to drink, it's just that some will not take the milk because of taste or smell. So if yours has no problem, then you're in luck.
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    Default Re: What does frozen BM smell like?

    IIRC, it may smell soapy and that's okay. If it smells sour, no good, you might have a lipase problem. However, if you LO is happilly drinking it, I wouldn't worry at all.
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    Default Re: What does frozen BM smell like?

    My only recommendation is to take a small taste of your milk when it is fresh, so you know what it tastes like. Then give the thawed a taste before you give it. It will taste a little different if I recall, but if it doesn't taste nasty like its gone bad and your little one chugs it, I'm sure it is fine.

    If I recall correctly, if your freezer gets down to about 0, you can freeze for up to a year. http://www.medelabreastfeedingus.com...age-guidelines
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