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Thread: Eating oatmeal???

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    Default Eating oatmeal???

    I've been looking for ways to increase my supply, I've heard of eating real oatmeal and not the instant ones? so can anyone tell me the difference between the two? I've been eating the old fashioned oatmeal and I don't like the taste.

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    Honestly, I've had the same result with 1 minute and old fashioned. You could try sprucing it up with lots of stuff though. I'm so SICK of oatmeal.

    I put apple butter in it, maple syrup, butter and brown sugar, blackberry jam, strawberry jam, peach bits, and I even tried chocolate chips LOL.

    Or you could get a nice trail mix with oats in it. Oatmeal cookies YUM!

    I recently found this stuff called BetterOats. It's old fashioned oats in tons of REALLY good flavors and you can cook it in the mircowave in 2 min . It's individuall packaged and the pouch turns into a measuring cup so it's GREAT for work. So far I've tried the blueberry muffin and strusel flavors. Gonna try the chocolate. It's really good, definately helped with the oatmeal blahs.

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    Barley might be a wonder food for some people! Myself included. I drink barley water or oatmeal water while drinking though. It is delightful chilled, and very refreshing. I add a handful of grain, up to a cup, to a quart mason jar. Fill with water, microwave for 60s. You can drink it warm. I chill it overnight for the next day. When I am done drinking it, I just eat the grain out of the jar with a spoon. But I like the plain taste, I don't know if you will. Good luck! I'm rootin for ya!

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    Default Re: Eating oatmeal???

    I can't stand the taste of instant. I have oversupply and I know I can't get close to ANYthing oatmeal--including cold cereals with oatmeal in it. So it should have the same affect.

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    Default Re: Eating oatmeal???

    I eat both types and don't notice a difference in the supply (they both helped to increase it) I prefer the original oatmeal because it gives me choices to add different things just like a pp said.
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    Default Re: Eating oatmeal???

    I have heard that instant doesn't do anything, and the steel cut oats(healthier, less processing) are the best for boosting supply, but it sounds like pp's have been able to boost supply with instant or old fashioned. Oatmeal cookies with brewer's yeast also works, if you don't like eating oatmeal...or cereal with oatmeal, granola and granola bars, etc.
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    I think either can work. Also try green leafy vegetables, barley and brown rice. Brown rice helps me and I don't think oatmeal really does.
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    You can also use oat flour in place of regular flour in recipes. Also, I take oat straw in capsule form. You can get order some from Amazon or an herb company.

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