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Thread: Exclusive nursing past 1 year

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    Default Exclusive nursing past 1 year

    Hi. Is there anyone here familiar with extended, exclusive nursing?

    The problem is my third son, now 12 mo. old. He refuses to eat anything but breastmilk, and he's very small for his age. The ped said he looked fine @ 9 mo., albeit small, but I didn't I didn't tell him he was still breastfeeding exclusively. I nursed my other two boys exclusively for about this long, but they were fat, and they weren't as adamant about refusing food.

    He is sleeping well (about 9 hours at night), he's happy, he's cruising, crawling, and climbing, and saying a couple of words, and everything seems fine, except that he hates food so much.

    When should I insist that he eat food?

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    Default Re: Exclusive nursing past 1 year

    I would keep offering and at some point hes going to start eating.
    there just might be too much going on to stop and eat.
    Do you sit together as a family for supper? That might be a 1st step,when eating is fun they like to try new things.
    try and get the most bang for the foods he will eat too!
    try and make what he will eat the best healthy foods.

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    Default Re: Exclusive nursing past 1 year

    I have finally started Kaytlynn on food, but I wanted to say I'm sooo glad I have found someone else who only fed bm until one year. That is what I pretty much did and I couldn't find anyone else that had done it, so everyone acted like I was starving her.
    Anyway, I agree with Andrea about eating things he would LIKE to have fun with. Does he like foods HE can pick up?? I know that dd loves to eat things that she can pick up on her own. She actually eats way more if she is able to eat it on her own. I do a lot of the gerber puff or cheerios or anything that he could pick up and swallow fairly easy. Bananas are another thing that Kaytlynn loves to eat by herself. Good luck, I'm sure he'll come around. I bet it is that he just loves to be on the go. DD is a lot like that, she doesn't take much time to nurse or eat. Shes not a big eater either. She has bm and about two solid meals a day that's it! Good luck!

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    Default Re: Exclusive nursing past 1 year

    My DS was exclusively breastfed until after 21 months due to refusing solids. For us it did become a problem because my milk supply dropped (still not sure why as DS was nursing on demand around the clock), and my son stopped growing after one year. You can read more about our story in my response to the thread "oral aversion-is this real?" in the Starting Solids forum:


    Does your baby eat NO solids at all, or just not more than an occasional bite? Has she always been small but is still growing steadily? You will find many mothers on this forum with babies who started solids very late, some even after one year--and they were just fine. Our story is the exception. I just like to present it in case there are others with a similar problem.

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