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Thread: Nervous about Choking

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    Default Nervous about Choking

    I have an 8 month old who loves to eat. I give him mainly purees, small pieces of rice puffs to help w/ his fine motor skills, and tiny pieces of bananas. I took the toast away since he gets large pieces in his mouth. (He has 2 teeth.) I know he would like different textures of foods and different foods in general but I am so nervous of him choking. I am a first time mother. I would like to know more about BLS and how people handle the anxiety about choking. He does very well w/ everything I have given him so far. (I am also CPR/BLScertified!!)

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    With baby #1 - when he started solids I hovered and was constantly ready to jump in and do infant CPR. Never needed. Baby definitely GAGGED a couple times to the point of even throwing up but never CHOKED (obstructed airway).

    With baby #2 (6mo 3w) we give him food and let him go for it. Yes I keep a close watch on him and he doesn't eat unsupervised. Baby does FINE when I watch and let him work things out on his own. He doesn't yet have a pincer grip so have mostly been giving him soft squishy foods.

    Having done this one time already I'm definitely much more relaxed because I've seen a baby successfully do BLS and amaze people with how well he was doing self feeding finger foods at 9 or 10 mo.
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    It's scary to see them gag.. but i've found if i freak out about it my LO reacts to my reaction KWIM? when I just let her handle it she may gag, but works it up quickly and doesn't seem to phase her.. she's never choked.

    with the toast I was having problems of her taking to much in her mouth at once.. so after toasting i cut up into small squares and problem solved... she got better with her pincher grasp and fed herself. I've also put things like Advocado spread and Organic freshly crushed peanut butter on the toast before cutting... she loves it!

    She eats whatever we eat, I might cut things down to size sometimes, but she usually doesn't need it. she loves scrambled eggs, shredded cheese, broccoli, sweet potato, pasta(we found little shaped pasta, bout half the size of normal pasta), rice, tomatoes, pineapple, papaya, mango, watermelon, asparagus, mushrooms, strawberries, canteloupe, eggplant,oranges, steak, soups, chili, anything savory... she pretty much likes everything except potatoes, apples, pears, kiwi, grapes, carrots & chicken.. but we keep offering it hoping one day she'll actually eat it and like it

    BTW My DD has no teeth still and she's 9 months, she does a very good job with her gums... we've done BLS from the beginning and she loves it. we read the book Baby Led Weaning by Gill Rapley when we were thinking of starting solids and it really helped us decide, plus she absolutely hates when we tried to feed her.

    Her PED told us something interesting he said that infants esophagus were the same size as their pinky finger so anything smaller then that would go right down, anything bigger they would gag on but if it was the same size that was a choking hazard... he said to stay away from Honey for at least a year and milk but other then that feed her whatever we eat.
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    If you haven't taken an infant/child CPR class, take one. I have a child who choked -- full on obstructed airway -- several times. It is scary, but it makes a huge difference to have confidence in the techniques, and practice (hopefully not on a real baby ) is the best way to gain confidence.
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