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Thread: nipple pore is unclogged - but in _more_ pain now??

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    Default nipple pore is unclogged - but in _more_ pain now??

    I am a new breastfeeding Mom. My daughter is 19 days old today. We had some initial problems with latch and worked with a lactation consultant to get through that. She had me using a shield which I did for several days until I was comfortable enough to go without it again. I've always been somewhat tender even now in feeding. But a couple of days ago my left side became excruciating painful - especially when she would initially latch or even when I would try to use the pump. I called the lactation specialist again and they helped me identify what looked to be a clogged nipple pore. I had a small white dot on the nipple causing all the pain. That was yesterday. With her advice I started using a warm compress before nursing and continue to use my APNO prescribed earlier. This morning I checked and I don't see the white spot anymore (could it have cleared so quickly??) but now instead of being in pain when she latches, I am in even worse pain during her whole feeding session. It just doesn't subside. Each suck from the baby makes me cringe. I thought the clearning of that pore would relieve the pain. Does it take more time for that to happen? I know I"m supposed to nurse through the pain to avoid infection but it's becoming quite unbearable. Has this happened to anyone else? What else could be happening (I did have the pediatrician check and the baby does not have thrush symptoms)


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    Default Re: nipple pore is unclogged - but in _more_ pain now??

    Could it be a milk bleb? Or the remnants of one? When I had blebs, they often transformed into a mini crack even after they had been unclogged/opened, and those mini cracks were very painful. But they also healed quickly, generally in under a week.

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