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Thread: Exclusive breastpumping and baby weight

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    Default Exclusive breastpumping and baby weight

    My baby is 5 month old now, she is gainig weight too much.
    she was born 8.37 pounds 3.7 kg and 19.68 inches 50cm.
    2 months she was 13.66 pounds 6.2kg and 24.4inches 62cm.
    4 months old she was 18.29 pounds 8.3 kg and 25.78 inches 65.5cm.

    should i be worried about my baby weight?
    she drinks between 900ml 30.4 ounces and 1200ml 40.5 ounces of expressed breastmilk only, is this normal?
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    Default Re: Exclusive breastpumping and baby weight

    Sounds high to me...mine drinks 24-30 oz I would guess (we nurse and also give pumped milk so not sure). When I was weighing her for each nursing session she maxed out one day with 33 oz but she is a smaller baby (15th %tile from birth till now I think).
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    Default Re: Exclusive breastpumping and baby weight

    This is more than my baby drank (also more in the 24-30oz), although it's hard to say what's normal for your baby! And, I'm not sure without plugging all those numbers into percentile charts how unusual a growth pattern it is... what does your pediatrician say about her weight gain?

    One thing you can consider if it's EBM is what type of bottle you're using - we found that even the "low-flow" nipples from Medela were really fast compared to nursing, and ended up using the PlayTex (sp?) stage 1 nipples, which worked much better for us. You could give it a try, if you were worried she's drinking her bottles really fast and ending up with larger quantities.... (my daughter, with the slow flow nipples, and breaks to simulate the let-down pattern, tends to drink 3-5 oz at a time, max - only occasionally going to 6 during a growth spurt).

    But, again, every baby's different - I certainly don't want to say it is too much, just trying to give ideas in case you conclude it is!

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    Default Re: Exclusive breastpumping and baby weight

    I wouldn't worry about it! I EPed for DS1 and he drank about that much, usually 30, but up to 40 during growth spurts. He was on the small side though, about 14lbs at 4 months. DS2 is EBF and he is 17lbs at 4 months. All babies are different and it is probably just genetics and not the amount she is eating.

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