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Thread: Enough bottles in cool n carry tote?

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    Default Enough bottles in cool n carry tote?

    With my Ameda PY, I got an insulated soft-sided cooler with freezer packs, which holds 6 bottles. They have markings to 4 oz, but I think you can get an extra ounce in if you fill to the top. So, that's a total of 24 to maybe 30 oz. capacity.

    The thing is, I have tremendous oversupply, despite block feeding since 2 weeks. I'm worried that my supply will suffer when I return to work at 12 weeks, though (I have a very stressful job that I hate, but financially must return to). So, I was planning to dual pump both breasts even though I currently block feed from only one side per feeding.

    (If I get extra, I'll add it to my freezer stash. I currently have 215 oz. in the freezer, which could be pretty quickly depleted if I needed to travel for a week, kwim?)

    Back to my question - will 24-30 oz. be sufficient capacity for me to store my day's pumped milk, do you think? Right now, at my fullest in the morning, I pump the side opposite from what I feed and get 3-4 oz. I'm gone 10-12 hours a day. I can do the math and figure that I would be pushing capacity if I pumped 3 oz. per side 4x a day, and over capacity if I pumped 4 oz. per side. But at the same time, I assume my supply will be lower during the work day and I won't have my baby right near me to help with letdown.

    I'm just wondering from those who currently pump how much I might expect to be getting and if you think I should plan to have an extra set of bottles and extra cooler (I'd rather not spend the $35 to get another set if I don't need it, kwim?)
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    Default Re: Enough bottles in cool n carry tote?

    I'm afraid I don't have an answer, since this is an issue I've never had! But, as I sit here in awe of your freezer stash, can I suggest that you keep in mind the possibility of donating it if it starts to get old and you're already keeping up with your baby & don't need it?

    (I just realized I could do this with my ~150oz frozen away... and barely squeeked in before it was too old, so I thought I'd pass along the idea since I was wishing I'd heard it earlier!)

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    Default Re: Enough bottles in cool n carry tote?

    I would say it varies between women and while I have low supply and would never fill that much you know how much you pump better than anyone else. Can you take a few extra bottles and stick them in a fridge or just the last pumping of the day keep at room temp since milk keeps for 6 hrs at room temp fine and then get it in your fridge at home.
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    Default Re: Enough bottles in cool n carry tote?

    pump into the bottles, transfer to the milk storage bags. I had the same exact problem only mine was at 8 weeks PP. We donated 300+ oz of milk to the milk bank after three months of me being back at work!! Even then, we still had about 100 oz still in the freezer. . . MIL called me a cow, I was producing so much. I use the Lansinoh storage bags. I'd LIKE to use the Medela bags but they are twice the price and they are not THAT nice . . . not nice enough to pay the price. . . . I'm a poet and didn't know it. . .

    The milk bags can be squished together in the storage bag. If your bag holds SIX bottles, you should have PLENTY of room. I use the storage bag that came with my PISA. It only holds FOUR bottles . . .

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    Default Re: Enough bottles in cool n carry tote?

    I agree w/ above about going ahead and transferring to storage bags.

    I just wanted to weigh in here about your supply. If you are running out of room in your freezer, you might consider donating some but NOT all of your supply. I had major oversupply in the beginning, block fed, etc. When I went back to work (@ 3mos), I pumped 1-2 extra feedings per day, which was filling out my freezer at a pretty rapid rate. Starting around 6 mos, my supply dipped down to where I might pump an extra feeding 2-3 days per week. Now @ 7.5 mos, I'm starting to not always pump enough for the next day - not often, but maybe one day a week.

    I started letting him nurse on both sides, fenugreek, etc. So our supply is good. But I went from pumping 18-22oz per day to 11-14.
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    Default Re: Enough bottles in cool n carry tote?

    Putting them in storage bags is a fantastic idea. I wish I had thought of that when I was pumping/working. I used to have to take a larger cooler to work because I would run out of room. Those baggies really do save a lot of space!
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