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    New here. My daughter is 12 weeks. We have always had some difficulty with her latch (not opening wide enough), and around 2 weeks, I suffered from a pretty nice crack in my left nipple. I used a nipple shield while it was healing. We were doing better with nursing after that. I returned to work 5 weeks ago and have been pumping at work so she can get bottles of EBM while at day care. Last week was VERY trying for us in the nursing department. She has had a cold for a couple of weeks. Our routine was when we got home (around 6pm), we would nurse. That was going well up until last week where she would fight at the breast. It then turned so she was fighting at every feeding besides the late night/early morning feedings. She would trash her head around with the nipple in her mouth, kick, pull, etc. I would cave and give a bottle and she seemed fine with it. Last week, my left nipple became damaged again because of this behavior and it was even hurting with pumping. After trying all day on Saturday, I finally gave up with nursing. It was so hard and I really regret it. We tried to work on her latch but couldn't get her to open wide enough (tried all the tricks my LC has told me about) and she would continue to fight while nursing. We haven't nursed since and it is killing me. Do you think that she became to prefer the bottle now? We were using Nuk bottles with the slow flow but it would take her a hour or more to finish 3 oz so now we're using a medium flow avent and nuk bottle. I really wanted nursing to work out for us- do you think it would be possible to bring her to breast again? Do you think that she was fighting nursing because of her cold? Thanks for the advice!

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    Yes you can get her back to breast and yes babies prefer bottles often because they're so much easier to get milk out of. Not sure about the cold but I do know it can be hard to breathe while nursing if baby has a stuffy nose. Baby is trying to help type here so I'll quit for now. Hang in there and I'll try to get on later.
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    Like the PP poster said, yes you can get your LO back to the breast. I started using bottles with this baby when he was a week old. I couldn't tolerate to put him on my breast because I too suffered from damaged nipples (blood and all). I ended up buying those medela soft shells and using tons of lansinoh lanolin during each feeding until they healed. Once my nipples did heal I started putting him to the breast but it was difficult because he had gotten used to the bottle. I had to keep at it to get his mouth open wide enough to get him to latch on. Once we got the latch down (with a lot of frustration and tears on my part), we were able to break the bottle habit. I am still using bottles here and there when I want to give my nipple a rest but he's at the point where he prefers the breast over the bottle.
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