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Thread: Help! Baby has diarrhea

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    Is it still only once a day? If so, it's probably nothing to worry about. Did you try calling the ped? Usually they will answer questions over the phone and be able to tell you if the baby should come in or not. Is your appt. in November a regular checkup? Usually peds reserve appointments for sick babies and you can bring them on short notice, they are just booked ahead for the well baby checks. Your babies poos sound very normal to me (they really can be very watery), but it never hurst to check with the doc to put your mind at ease. Is your MIL familiar with exclusive breastmilk poo? If not, she may be comparing to formula poos, which can be much thicker.

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    Yes, its still once a day and some days none at all. I will call the ped tomorrow. Thank you!

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