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Thread: Unwanted family advice?!?!

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    I agree with PP, go with your instincts!!

    My favorite comment is that I should dream feed so that the baby can sleep for a longer stretch at night. So, yes, like I'm going to take the extra time so I can pump just to bottle feed? Waking up and night and feeding my LO doesn't bother me!! Pumping bothers me!!
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    I've got the same "advice" from my mom and MIL and i always have to remind them(gently of course) that theirs a lot more info out there now a days, compared to 24 years ago and We'll choose what's best for our DD. I got into a pretty big disagreement with my mom over BLS and she just wouldn't listen.. i finally asked her what she thought they did with babies a 100 years ago without Formula/rice cereal/pureeing food etc. she actually had to stop and think and couldn't answer the question. We still get into our disagreements but i usually say something along the lines of "i understand what your saying, but we're just trying it this way, if it doesn't work we'll try something else" Also if your LO sleeps for one 5 hour stretch at a time at night thats considered sleeping through the night... anything after that is just bonus... My DD is 9 months and still doesn't. We cosleep and some nights she hardly eats or sucks for comfort at all and others ,like last night, she was literally attached all night which meant i didn't move all night.
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