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Thread: Going back to work

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    Wink Going back to work

    Hello can someone help me or give me an advc

    i gave birth to Madison on sep 11, 2006 i have to start work because i dont have a source of income im just worried about the baby sitter i chose for my precious little pumpkin.

    im breast feeding Madi so i want Madi to continue her routine waking up every 2 hrs to feed but im affraid on how the baby sitter will handle the storage and desposing of the breast milk once the baby doesnt want it anymore. wht should i do.


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    Hi there!

    I'm going to move this to a forum that's more specific to your question!
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    Many mothers write out a typical day's schedule for their daycare provider, or at least write out that baby eats every x hours, and sleeps on this typical schedule, etc.

    You can see storage guidelines for breast milk here: http://www.lalecheleague.org/NB/NBstorage.html

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    I also would like to add that you should write everything down AND make sure to go over your written instructions with your babysitter in detail.
    I used to make it easier for my daycare provider (dcp) by making up the bottles the night before, labeling them with my daughter's name and the date they were pumped, and bringing them to her house in a bottle cooler with frozen packs.
    It also might help if you take the time to explain to your dcp that it is VERY important that the milk be handled correctly so that is is not wasted, because it can't be replaced easily like formula.
    I hope this helps! Many moms, myself included, have been able to go back to work/school while still BFing. It is a challenge getting all the details worked out at first, but it gets a lot easier once you have a "system" set up. Please post with any other questions!


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