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Thread: canned tuna & strawberries (not together!)

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    Quote Originally Posted by @llli*pianosinger View Post
    I think salmon has mercury in it, too...wild caught salmon, not farm raised.
    It depends on where it was caught. I have to find the list, there are waters that wild caught salmon are safer... Farm raised fish of any type has other toxin issues, and it not as potent nutritionally because of what it has been fed.
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    I gave ds1 strawberries before he was one and I feed him canned tuna. He was probably about 1 the first time he had it. I am just careful not to give him more then 2 servings of it a week, (okay, so we probably only have it once a month...) because of possible murcry levels. I only use the tuna that is packed in water.
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    i didn't realize that strawberries were an allergen, and just gave them to my 8mo last week. it was one of the few times i've given him commercial baby food (we were out of town for my FIL's funeral and it was easier), and the jar said 6 months+. it was pears, strawberries, and bananas, and he LOVES bananas and pears, so i got it and gave it to him, and then DH comes in and says, "strawberries. wow. those are an allergen." then MIL pops up with, "yeah, i'm very allergic to them."

    but DS was fine -- no red butt, nothing. and he loved it.
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    Info on fish/sustainability/mercury levels can be found here in case you are interested. We eat a lot of fish and are very carefully about what DS eats so it is worth checking out the site -
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