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    Default Re: PUMPING and HURTING BAD!!!!! PLEASE HELP!!!!!

    I agree you might look at the size of your flange. It made a really big difference for me to go up (2 sizes, geesh).
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    Unhappy Re: PUMPING and HURTING BAD!!!!! PLEASE HELP!!!!!

    Im having the same problem.Im pumping exclusivly but in alot of pain i not only get pain on my nipples i get pains in my breast as well. Like the insides are being pulled. I have tried using the gel pads but the over the counter ones just dont work as well as the hospital grade ones. i just recently tried the lansinoh cream but doesnt seem to be helping. Im very adamit about pumping since i cant breastfeed my little one but feel very frustrated because its hurts. I looked at the photos to see if my flanges are whats causing the problem i even had my husband look and tell me what he thought he said it looks like it fits like its supposed to so not sure what is the problem. Im just wondering if maybe it could be the flanges or what?????? im using the lansinoh affinity double electric pump works great and also have a pumping bra that actually worked alot better then me holding the pump.... im young and would love love some advice


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