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Thread: New to Baby-Lead Weaning BLW

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    Anyone has experience with this? I went to another forum for this specific issue, but don't like it as much. DS is 6+ months and we just started today! I was very excited and decided to be very relaxed with it and gave him bananas and scrambled eggs. He didn't ingest anything just played. When we were done he had a raised rash on his wrists. I assume this is an allergy. So I am a little freaked out now. Advice please?
    my adorable baby boy, and he loves it, nappies but love that little fluffy bottom, just started BLW & dishing out healthier meals for my family , vacuuming up a storm now that he rolls everywhere, and when I get a minute.

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    I have 2 kids with allergies so I will give you some advice that works for me. First, eggs are one of the top 8 allergens and are recommended to be introduced after 1 year at least the whites. sometimes the yolks can be given around 8 months with doctor's okay. Also, I give one new food at a time and watch for reactions I wait at least 5 days. This lets you know for sure what food caused the reaction. Here are some websites that may help.



    Hope this helps, the allergy forum here is also wonderful and the mothers are very supportive!

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    Raised rash sounds like hives. And if hives then sounds like a possible allergic reaction.

    Egg is the likely culprit. Egg Whites are more allergenic than the yolks but its impossible to have yolks without cross-contamination.

    I'd STOP giving your LO any egg.

    And possibly schedule an appointment with an allergist.
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