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Thread: Introducing Solids during a Cold: Induced fever?

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    Default Introducing Solids during a Cold: Induced fever?

    All of us at my house are in the last phase of a really nasty cold. i was genuinely surprised that my 5 month old didn't get a fever. she still has a bit of a cough though, and my older two are very congested so the germs are still around.

    last night i introduced solid food for the first time, going with mashed bananas. she seemed interested/ready (she's been exclusively BFed until now). she loved the bananas.

    that was at dinner. then throughout the night she was very fussy, and twisting around and bringing up her legs like she had tummy pain or gas, so i figured she wasn't digestively ready, so i'd hold off for a few more weeks.

    well, in the early morning i noticed she felt warm and when she woke i took her temp. rectally and she had a fever of 101.8. motrin brought it down. she pooped this morning but still seems a little upset in the tummy, but it's not a flu thank God b/c she has no vomiting, diarrhea or any such.

    so here's my q. she still had that cold a bit, and i know that if you introduce solids before baby's gut is ready, it can trigger an immunity-related response, like an allergy. so i'm thinking that her immune system was compromised b/c it responded to the new food when it was still trying to fight off this cold. what do you all think? otherwise, i can't think why she'd get a fever now, although it's possible it's only from the cold. love to hear some leaders' thoughts. if the two are potentially related it'd be good to know for future--not to introduce solids (or a new food) during a cold.

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    Default Re: Introducing Solids during a Cold: Induced fever?

    I don't have advice on this at all. But I did want to ask, why are you giving Motrin to a 5 month old? Doctors recommend Tylenol for the first 6 months.
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