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Thread: Raisins

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    Default Raisins

    Are raisins safe to give to my one year old? I am a little worried about him choking but I am also thinking they are small enough that he shouldn't have a problem. We have done BLS with him so he is used to getting little pieces of food and does well with it. I am just having a hard time thinking of snack type things to give to him. Any advice?

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    Default Re: Raisins

    I have read some reccomendations that say no raisins until age three or even up to age five

    We also did BLS, so under that philosophy, if they can pick it up, put it in their mouth, chew it, and swallow it, it's all good.

    I think I gave them (cautiously) to my DD before she was one. She eats them and does just fine. She will also eat nuts I (occasionally) give her one at a time (another no no according to some sources).

    You know your baby best and you know what s\he's capable of eating.

    Another concern I've read about them is possible tooth decay, so make sure you brush his teeth
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    I can't remember exactly, but I think we waited until he was a little older for raisins (can't remember exactly how old), and when we did, we cut them and made sure he was in his high chair to eat them (as opposed to walking around with them). I may be overly cautious (he'll be 3 next week and I still quarter his grapes ), but choking--true choking, as opposed to gagging--is a scary thing.

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    I've read conflicting information about when raisins are ok... I am holding off for molars so she can grind them, seems like that is something that needs to be smashed up with teeth to get any benefit from it.
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    We were advised to wait on raisins/prunes - foods that are really sticky and hard to chew until close to 2.
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    I started giving both of my boys raisins when they were around 15 months old. I was just very cautious about it. I made sure that I separated them if they were clumped together so that they wouldn't shove an entire wad of them in their mouth.

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    Quote Originally Posted by @llli*MommyToAC View Post
    I started giving both of my boys raisins when they were around 15 months old. I was just very cautious about it. I made sure that I separated them if they were clumped together so that they wouldn't shove an entire wad of them in their mouth.
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    we gave raisins to ds2 when he was about one, maybe even before. I would separate them and give him two or three at one time so that he didn't stuff his mouth full

    Keep in mind though, that raisins have a tendency to plump up once in the stomach, so a few goes a long way

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    Default Re: Raisins

    I think we also started around 16 months, maybe sooner? I can't remember anything anymore. But like PP's said, I was always with her while she ate them and made sure she didn't shove them all in at once.

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    I was so careful with #1, and he didn't get raisins until he was like 2. #2, he was probably >12 months. #3...he found one on the floor and ate it when he was probably 9 or 10 months old. He loves them so he gets a few once in a while. He had no molars at the time, but somehow, he did just fine with it.

    I mostly just hate finding them in the diaper
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