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Thread: starting sippy cup at 8 months?

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    Default starting sippy cup at 8 months?

    I will be going back to work in about a month when DD is about 8.5 months. DH will be taking care of her while I'm at work. I'll probably work from home some part of the time so that I can nurse her part of the time, but not sure how much that would be.

    I started thinking that maybe it would be a good idea to go directly to cup feeding and avoid bottlefeeding altogether - we haven't introduced a bottle at all yet. Is it plausible that she could safely and effectively use a sippy cup at 8.5 months? I know that some babies do cup feeding from a real cup as newborns, but I would think that might be harder with an older baby who likes to grab at everything. Would I be denying her the "comfort suck" by not giving an artificial nipple while I'm away?

    DS never got the hang of a sippy cup (he went right from bottle to real cup), so I'm wondering what others' experiences are.

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    Default Re: starting sippy cup at 8 months?

    As long as she takes it it's fine to introduce a sippy cup at this point. We introduced one at 9 months and he still hasn't taken to it. He is better with a straw and a regular cup! Don't worry about denying the comfort sucking, make sure she gets it from you when you're around, not plastic
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    Default Re: starting sippy cup at 8 months?

    Sippy cup is fine any time around 4-6 mos so you should be in very good hands. I would highly encourage avoiding the bottle for that very reason you mentioned (comfort sucking). We're trying to wean my baby onto a sippy cup so breastfeeding is more appealing but it's not the smoothest yet.
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    Default Re: starting sippy cup at 8 months?

    I could have written this exact post (or almost)!

    I will be going back to work in just over 2 mths when DD will be 8 mths and she will be going to daycare. She has never taken a bottle (tried unsuccessfully at 6-8 weeks a few times and shelved it) and I hope to go straight to a sippy cup. I have already started trying it out and she is interested, but a little confused still. She gets about half of the milk on her shirt and half in her mouth, but I'm confident we will get there.

    Hopefully you will post your experiences here - I will look forward to hearing how it goes!

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