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Thread: OS/OALD in the morning only?

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    Default OS/OALD in the morning only?

    Greetings, All!

    This forum's help in my first few weeks was invaluable -- I would not still be breastfeeding (15 weeks and going strong!) if it hadn't been for you guys.

    For the last two weeks plus my LO has been really struggling at the breast -- gasping, sputtering, choking, coughing, milk out the nose, the whole nine yards -- but only at one or two feedings, first thing in the AM (~3 AM and 6 AM). I don't have any symptoms (serious engorgement, leaking). She's not going an unusually long time between feedings; 4 hours, max, which is basically the same as she's ever done at this time of day. By her ~8 AM feeding, it's evened out and everything is fine. Her diapers are normal -- maybe an occasional greenish poop, but usually the same old yellow, 2-3 times a week.

    Is there anything I can do? Maybe blockfeed starting in the evening? Perhaps it'll improve on its own, but after more than two weeks it seems like it's getting worse, not better. She's not suffering unduly, but it does make her gassier and it often reduces her to frustrated screaming because she's sleepy and wants to mostly just suck -- then here comes the firehose!!

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    Default Re: OS/OALD in the morning only?

    It definitly sounds like OALD but not necessarily OS since it only happens in the morning. Morning is when levels of prolactin are the highest so that makes sense. One thing you might try is instead of a traditional cradle hold is to nurse laying down or if you already do that to nurse relcining with your baby on top of you if that makes sense. It sometimes helps them to control the flow better if gravity is not working with the flow. Since it is only two feedings this might help you out.

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