had anyone ever experienced their LO weaning themselves from formula? i've been using a SNS and the past two days my LO is refusing to latch while i'm using it, but will nurse without it. she only took it half the time.. drinking 7 oz instead of the usual 16 oz a day i've been giving her. (she hasn't had any problem with it before.) i was hoping maybe this is a sign my milk is increasing?!? today she's only nursed with it once, 3 oz. total. if the fussiness to latch on is due to something else, i don't want to be depriving her since i don't know exactly how much milk she gets from me. my local LLL thinks i should be cautiously optimistic and keep offering at every feeding. and is it normal for a lot more soaking wet diapers with formula than with breastmilk? her diapers aren't as heavy today.