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Thread: Storage containers and reheating

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    Default Storage containers and reheating

    I was wondering what type of containers are easiest to use when you are building an emergency supply of milk. I have been using the Avent Via containers and just regular Avent containers, but they take up a lot of space in the freezer. I only put 4 ounces in a container, and I am afraid that the milk might get freezer burn. How do you know if it is freezerburnt? Can the baby still drink it?
    Also, once the milk is frozen, how do you thaw it? I put one of the frozen containers in the fridge for a day and it didn't thaw at all!

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    Default Re: Storage containers and reheating

    I store all of my milk in milk storage bags. They take up less space and are much easier to thaw. I only store 2-3 oz per bag so that less gets wasted. Then I thaw in a container of warm (not hot) water to speed the process.

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    I use(d) bags as well...Lansinoh brand. Also, we use the Playtex Drop Ins for bottles, and they have these little kits that store the milk right in the liners. Not very space efficient, but convenient.
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