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Thread: Is it too late????

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    Default Is it too late????

    My DD is 7 months old. I have always had issues with supply. I see an LC and take fenugreek, blessed thistle and domperidone. My supply seems to be tanking.

    Is 7 months too late to increase supply more? Or is it where its gonna be? I don't want to stop BF any time soon but I am only getting 4 oz from the pump for her to drink each day IF THAT! She gets mostly formula when I am working.

    I have never been able to pump more than about 2 oz at a time if that. I understand she will get more than the pump but it just seems to be so much less now.

    What's a mommy to do?

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    Default Re: Is it too late????

    It's never too late. Bfing is a confidence game, if you think you can, you can (in almost all cases). Keep bfing on cue, and pumping to increase your supply; and anything else your LC advises. You're on the right path!
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    Default Re: Is it too late????

    I just wanted to say good luck and . I am dealing with low supply and I have been worried that at 8 weeks its too late for me too. Hopefully its not too late for either of us. I want to exclusively BF so badly!

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