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    Question Mom in need of advice

    Ok I'm new here and would love some advice. Im a mother of four beautiful children. My youngest baby VI is going to be 6 mos in 2 wks. She weights 18lbs now and i was only feeding her BM until she turned 4 mos. I had a very pushy Dr. who said "I HAD TO GIVE HER CEREAL AT 4mos". So trusting her meaning the Dr., I started feeding her rice cereal only once a day as dinner. My VI seem to do just fine with the cereal and so did I. Just a few days ago I read on the web that cereal is no good for babies especially BM babies? Now thats gotten me a bit confused and feeling guilty. I have been trying to be good with my diet I must admit I forget to take my Vitamins once in awhile but overall Im good. Its my first BM exclusively baby until this Dr.said something. My VI was born at 37 wks and I just want the best for her. Is feeding her rice cereal that bad?

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    Giving them cereal before pretty much a year is mainly to get them used to solids. It is suggested that waiting until 6 months is best for BFed babies because the BM is the best for them and we don't want to fill them up with other stuff. That being said, my first I started with cereal at four months because, researcher that I am, I never thought to question it. He loved it and was perfect and healthy. I know it didn't hurt him. Just do the cereal as a little extra, but don't try to replace a feeding with it. I find it's best to nurse first so they don't eat too much.

    With my second I waited until six months and she was ready to eat my hand. She loved it.
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    Don't feel bad mama, you were just doing what you were told and what you thought was right This probably won't affect her really in any way, and as long as BF is still going well you don't have anything to worry about. We gave cereal at 7.5 months, DS didn't take any sort of solid food until then. I've actually never heard that it's not good for BF babies, just that it's not really necessary. Which it isn't because it doesn't have much in it, it's just a way to get them used to solids like the PP said. It isn't necessary but it's not a bad thing if you've given it to your baby. Some do some don't, just depends on what works for you. If she's not too dependent on it and you really don't want to give it to her, she probably wouldn't really notice if you stopped and replaced it with nursing
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    with the PPs. Don't feel bad about introducing rice cereal on the early side. It's fortified with vitamins and minerals and therefore does have some benefits. But don't let your doc pressure you with regard to solids! According to my pediatrician, until the age of 1 breastmilk should be the baby's primary source of nutrition, and solids should be just for experimenting with new tastes, textures, and motor skills. So if your baby reaches age 1 eating very little solid food, don't worry! It won't hurt her.

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    Thank you all you ladies for all the warm and sincere responses. I will keep your advices close to my heart. We really appreciate it!

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