Just an update....

Upped the fenugreek to 5 capsules 3x's a day still only a faint maple odor. Power pumped both evenings. Pumped after each feeding. Got up and pumped at 2am both nights. He ate ALL day yesterday. (I'm so sore)

I gave LO whatever I pumped as a supplement if he seemed like he REALLY needed it. Then pumped about 15 min if I had to supplement. He seemed to actually be doing fine. I only had to give him an oz like twice. His output was on the lower end of the spectrum 4 not too wet diapers from about 9a-11p and one poo, but he seemed content.

So far back at work, I've gotten even less than the other day, 2.5oz in 4hrs. I'm SICK of oatmeal, poping 30+ pills a day, water, pumping and stressing. I feel like I'm failing. I may just be one of those moms who has to supplement a little. I had to with my DD but she was extremely sick (needed a liver transplant) and required more calories than I could provide. (The Dr. actually told me to stop BF all together but I ignored them and supplemented when necessary). I WON'T quit but I may have no other choice than to supplement while I'm at work.

I've ordered Shatavari and am going to start researching Goat's Rue. GAH, I'm really envious of mom's who can provide enough for their babies. You are SO fortunate. I already don't really care for nursing, this is making it even harder.