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Thread: Is it too late???

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    Default Is it too late???

    I posted this earlier this morning in the Milk Supply thread but no response so I will try again here:

    My DD is 7 months old. I have always had issues with supply. I see an LC and take fenugreek, blessed thistle and domperidone. My supply seems to be tanking.

    Is 7 months too late to increase supply more? Or is it where its gonna be? I don't want to stop BF any time soon but I am only getting 4 oz from the pump for her to drink each day IF THAT! She gets mostly formula when I am working.

    I have never been able to pump more than about 2 oz at a time if that. I understand she will get more than the pump but it just seems to be so much less now.

    What's a mommy to do?

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    Default Re: Is it too late???

    Sorry you are having such a hard time moma. You said that you are only able to leave 4 oz with her a day and that you pump 2 oz at a time- so you are pumping twice while you gone? How long are you away from your little one? Would you be able to fit in another pumping session? Is you LO STTN? Could you fit a pumping session in during the night? Does your LO seem satisfied and have enough wet daipers when you are together and just nursing? How much does your LO take during the day while you are working? sorry for all the questions but trying to help.

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