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Thread: How often do you sanitize?

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    Default Re: How often do you sanitize?

    Between pumping sessions on the same day horns go into a clean ziplock baggie in the fridge.

    Everything gets hand washed once a day.

    I only sterilize if baby or I have been sick or if I'm planning on pumping for donation.

    Have you seen the stuff that a baby puts into his mouth?
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    Default Re: How often do you sanitize?

    I just sanitized before my first use and wash everything with hot soapy water daily and rinse out the bottles after each session.
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    Default Re: How often do you sanitize?

    Thanks for posing this question, and to everyone for answering. I had the exact same query, but was searching for 'sterilizing/sterilization' with results tha were completely off-topic, LOL. We currently sanitize via boiling water every day, but I'll tone that down and give it a try.
    As far as using a food-grade sanitizer is concerned, I'd go the cautious route and not do it. A young baby is not systemically ready for food-grade anything. If it's food-grade, does that mean it has tomatoes in it? So, would a young baby be ready for tomatoes? No. The components could be known allergens. Honey is food-grade too but flat-out dangerous for babies. The residue will be in the pump parts and your baby will ingest it, which could lead to fussing, stomach upset, allergies; who knows. It's opening up a Pandora's Box, and why experiment on your LO? Boiling your pump and bottle for ten minutes in plain water is safe and time-tested. Since you asked for opinions, I'd say it's a poor trade-off I wouldn't make to potentially jeopardize my baby's safety for conveniencing me. My daughter relies on her father and me for her well-being, and we have to be worthy of that sacred trust, even when it's tempting to take shortcuts. I sympathize with your plight though, one would be crazy to not want to do less busy work.
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