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Thread: how old was your LO?

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    norasmommy....LOVE this link you posted!! http://www.borstvoeding.com/voedseli...lw/engels.html

    thanks for sharing! my little one is just over 6 months old and the article gives great pointers!
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    We started a couple of weeks ago (5 1/2 months). No cereal at all. He gagged the whole time and I figured it was useless anyway as it does not provide the real nutrition they need. So far he's had: banana, sweet potato, avocado, carrots, peas, papaya and pears. Yesterday I went out to eat lunch and offered him some of my baked potatoe and he LOVED it. Every baby is different and I agree that you should see if he is ready as suggested by a PP.
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    DS didn't take anything until 7.5 months. We did do cereal, it isn't necessary, I just did cuz of WIC and to get my parents to shut up. Stupid reason I know, won't be happening next time.
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    so, we gave DS avacado over the weekend - he loved it! after one bite, he was grabbing my hand/the spoon and pulling it to his mouth. after every bite, he would suck it down then open his mouth real big and reach for the next one. maybe we'll try sweet potato next week. and i think i'll let him just go for it and see what happens
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    Cool! It's so much fun to watch them discover new foods.
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