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Thread: eye contact during BF

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    Hi, I just had to update!
    He looked up at me today! It was so cute - it was as if a lightbulb went off!
    "Hmm - Mommy's face is attached to the boobies!"

    He will be 7 weeks tomorrow. Thanks to all who answered!
    Hi! I'm Ann, Mama to my "big baby buffalo" , DS#1, who breastfed from August '06 to January '08
    and DS#2, my"little baby buffalo" born in May '08 and exclusively breastfeeding

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    I'm glad to read this thread. My son has just started to smile at me while nursing (only a couple of times). I of course loved it and wanted more--I didn't foresee that it might develop into more problematic habits. Phew! I'll try and keep bf quiet and smile-fests for other times.

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    Glad to hear your update!!!
    FWIW, my DS doesn't look at me anymore... he wants to look at my husband! Swiveling his head at every noise DH makes... straining to look up over his forehead and behind him where DH is sitting on the other sofa! Ahhh, I love the distractable stage. Well, at least I know he and daddy have bonded...

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