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Thread: feeding on the go - advice needed!

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    Default feeding on the go - advice needed!

    I have a 9 mth old who is slowly getting into solid food. Anyway, my question is how do you mums feed solids on the go? I live in a remote area so if I go into town or I'm out and about it's not always possible to get home for lunch.

    So far I've been freezing veg, defrosting it in the microwave before I go and popping it in an insulated bag to keep it warm. The other day I added some cheese to a veg mix and then wondered if keeping that warm was in fact a bit dangerous. I haven't fed him meat while I'm out as keeping that warm seems like a no no. What do other mums do when they're out? (Jars aren't an option as they aren't really sold here. Only the fruity ones)

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    Default Re: feeding on the go - advice needed!

    Baby led solids. I find something on my plate when we are out that I can give the baby. Or I skip that meal and just nurse instead.
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    Default Re: feeding on the go - advice needed!

    yup at 9 months missing a meal of solids is just fine for baby.
    I used to take baggies with cold cereal they could self feed.
    Or canned with juice fruits, a bannana is a great take along food.

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    Default Re: feeding on the go - advice needed!

    Same here, just nursed more while out. Or brought something easy like a banana or sometimes an avocado and a knife to cut it (if we weren't going to be somewhere like a restaurant where I'd just use theirs). Bits of what ever I was having were a big hit too!
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    Default Re: feeding on the go - advice needed!

    I just fed off my plate or nursed but I have brought some fruit with me or dry finger foods with me in a sealed container
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    Default Re: feeding on the go - advice needed!

    I would definitely avoid keeping ANY foods heated for a long time, even cooked veggies can get dangerous bacteria when sitting too long at room or just above room temperature.

    LIke PP, we take along a banana or some healthy dry cereal in case she can't have what is on my plate (but usually I have something she can eat). In a pinch, I just nurse more and we still skip an occassional dinner.
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