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Thread: 9 month old not nursing

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    Default 9 month old not nursing


    My 9 month old is EBF. She used to nurse well and also take good amount of milk from the bottle when I am at work. But for almost a week, she is neither nursing well not taking well from a bottle. So I try to nurse her when she is asleep. She drinks ok but not that great.
    But she has no problem taking solids. She eats Oat cereal and Veggies/fruits well.

    She wakes up several times at night but even then she does not nurse well.

    I am really confused. What reason could be for rejecting? This is a new behavior and I have never seen this.

    Please help!!


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    Default Re: 9 month old not nursing

    Does she seem to be in pain? Have you thought about taking her into the doctor to get her ears checked?

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