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Thread: How long to pump for

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    Default How long to pump for

    I've been pumping once a day, just to build up a babysitter supply (for evenings out, etc).

    At the moment I have a medela swing (one sided). If it's plugged in (not on batteries) I can easily get 3oz from each breast in 5 minutes (if I pump in the morning). So I've been filling one 6oz bottle and stopping. The other day he slept so well at night that I was quite full come morning and got 6 oz from only one breast so I only pumped that one.

    Since I'm doing this for extra milk rather than to build or maintain my supply, does that matter? Or should I be pumping each breast for longer or until the milk stops?
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    Default Re: How long to pump for

    It probably doesn't matter, but remember that your body will think that's an extra feeding, so that if you keep pumping that extra time every day, you're going to HAVE to keep pumping everyday. If this is for the occasional night out, I'd just pump one side a few days a week.

    And as far as how long to pump, I'd pump until nothing comes out (3-6oz per session is awesome) so you'll be sure to get all that hindmilky goodness.
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