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Thread: one breast not working?!

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    Default one breast not working?!

    is it normal I can pump a lot from my right breast and a few drops from the other?
    is there anything I can do about it?
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    Default Re: one breast not working?!

    It's pretty normal I'm sure. I have one that I can pump out way more than the other. I don't pump very much, so I'll leave the advice to others...

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    Default Re: one breast not working?!

    For a missed feeding, I'll typically pump three oz. from my right breast, and one oz. from the left. It's normal, but if you want to change it, perhaps you can put your LO on your left breast more often to stimulate it?

    Please note that your LO does a more efficient job than the pump. So even though you may only be getting a few drops when you pump, there is more in there!
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