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Thread: SUDDENLY doesn't like solids?!

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    Default SUDDENLY doesn't like solids?!

    My LO is 6 months old, we've been doing solids for almost a month now. I still just feed her 1/2 a container of baby food at suppertime, but the past few nights she's been arching her back and spitting out whatever I give her! I've not introduced any new foods, I can't figure it out. Any suggestions?

    Edit: she WILL eat applesauce, but she still throws a little fit for awhile before she settles down to eat. AND SHE LOVES HER FOOD! As soon as I put her in her high chair and get out the baby food from the pantry, she gets crazy excited until that first bite!

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    Default Re: SUDDENLY doesn't like solids?!

    My 9 month old DD is doing the exact same thing! It's driving me crazy because she was really enjoying her food. She did this about a month ago, too, when she was teething. She didn't have much of an appetite, except for bfing
    I think she's doing it again for the same reason. because everything else seems normal.
    Is your LO showing any signs of teething?
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    Default Re: SUDDENLY doesn't like solids?!

    No signs of teething yet. Last night we just skipped solids and she didn't seem to mind (she was also SUPER overtired...). Can I do that--just stop feeding solids for awhile and try again? Maybe she's not ready?

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    Default Re: SUDDENLY doesn't like solids?!

    Can I do that--just stop feeding solids for awhile and try again?
    At 6 months, you can definitely cut back on or eliminate solids. Your baby should be able to make up the slack in her diet by nursing a bit more.

    Maybe she's not ready?
    Or maybe she is, and she just needs a little more control over the process? Some babies really hate the spoon coming at them. You might want to take the pressure off yourself and try a baby-led solids approach for a while- just put some healthy solids on your baby's highchair try and let her practice maneuvering them into her mouth. If she likes apple sauce, some thin apple slices, cooked until fairly mushy but still firm enough to be picked up, might be right up her alley.

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