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    I am posting this in two areas hoping to get some answers..

    My son has taken to the breast like a champ...maybe a little too well though. He does eat every 2-3 hours continuously, however the problem lies with the fact that he gulps alot down quickly and my flow is SUPER fast.... he throws up what I feed him most of the time..although some has to be getting in as he is 2 weeks and 2 oz past his birth weight, and he pees and poops constantly... however he is fussy after a feeding with all of the gas and I feel that I have tried everything!

    I give him one side at a time to allow him to empty the breast, so that he can pacify on it as well when he is gassy
    Most of the time I can express some milk manually before he gets on there to help the flow...although it doesn't seem to me that it actually slows it down
    I sit him up when I feed him and never lay him flat on his back unless I am changing his diaper
    I was burping him but found that he threw up worse so now I just gently sit him up or put him on my shoulder and rub his back a bit, and he can usually bring up a burp on his own
    And I give him Gripe water occasionally to help with the gas and have tried giving him a soother after he eats to keep his food down....

    Anything else I can do? Even with all of this he still throws up but at the Dr.'s they said that his tummy felt fine and he was just overeating and that I should try to limit my milk supply...I am however obviously skeptical of that and wouldn't even know how to limit my supply...so any suggestions? Thanks!
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    I'd like to see what others say about this.
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    this is pretty much exactly the experience I'm having with my 3 week old. I'd love to see some responses!

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    interested myself. Feel like I am feeding mine way too much too. Doing block feedings - one side every 3 - 4 hours and vomiting is better, but still a LOT of spit up. LO wants to nurse almost constantly, but if I don't stop him, he just throws up. Started giving him a pacifier and feel guilty about it, but he's gaining almost 10 - 12 oz a week, and my supply is not getting better if he is constantly eating.

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